Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fluktus CityGuide - Location Based Service

Fluktus CityGuide is the first location based CMS enabling business to reach real time their customers, anytime, anywhere. Users can visualize in any device your content (audio, video, images, text, etc..) based on their geographical position.
No need to install or update any application. No need to have an Android or iOS dedicated app. Our mobile application is web based so users can access to the service with just one click. 
Access with your mobile device to the Demo: 

Fluktus CityGuide Mobile Client

Our web based mobile client allows users the access to the Fluktus CityGuide service from any device independently from their operating system. New service features are deployed and users can enjoy them without having to update the application.
Fluktus CityGuide Mobile Client allows the visualization of:
  • User geographical position
  • Your defined points of interest in the map
  • Any multimedia content you assigned to the points of interest
  • Routes (by walking, by car,…) and distance to the points of interest
  • Weather information
  • Public transportation
  • Traffic information
  • Bike routes
And any type of information you want to show to your users. We can produce any type of customization for you to use Fluktus CityGuide as your own mobile location based service.
Fluktus CityGuide Mobile Client also works in “offline” mode so users can visualize your defined points of interest and multimedia content even if they are not connected to Internet in order to avoid in some cases roaming costs when being abroad.

Fluktus CityGuide Editor

Fluktus CityGuide Editor allows you to edit any number of points of information in a map click just one click.
Manage all your media content and assign it to your define points of interest. Content types include:
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text
  • Web pages
  • Links to other websites
  • Documents
And any other source of information  you want to show to end users based on their geographical position.
We integrate Fluktus CityGuide Editor with your systems in order to show in a map any information or event automatically, with no human intervention.

Fluktus CityGuide Analytics

Fluktus CityGuide Analytics allows you to have accurate real-time information on the performance of Fluktus CityGuide Service.
Our dashboards shows you the most important metrics about how the services has been utilized by users. We define the metrics with you and we show you in a customized dashboard. Examples of analytics metrics we provide are number of visitors, most popular content, most popular places visited, language of the end-user, type of device,  etc.