Thursday, March 10, 2011

A/B Tests. Check your intuition

In the web "Which Test Won?" by Anne Holland you can find interesting A/B Test cases where you can check your intuition.

Basically you will find different real A/B test cases implemented by different companies in websites, and you can choose which variant was the winner. Example:

Once you choose which version you think was the most successful then you get information on what really happened with this test and which variant was generating more conversions. You can also see how many people who voted were wrong or right. So you can feel better knowing that you were not the only one who failed :)

To be honest, I have tried myself in multiple tests and also with my colleagues, people that we have been working already some years doing this type of work, and we were easily failing. So I think this site shows very good demonstrations that, even if you have very good experience deciding what to have in a web page, or how to design it, you still should measure objectively and try different options because you can get a nice surprise about which option is the favorite for your audience or works better for your conversion goals.

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