Friday, January 6, 2012


Plista is one of Germany’s leading advertising networks now successfully expanding across Europe.

Text & Image

Text/image advertisements surrounded by reading recommendations.
  • 35 % higher conversion rate compared to classical text/image formats
  • No interruption of the reading flow – for a positive brand perception
  • High attention ratings due to placement among content
  • Powered by behavioral targeting technology
  • Branding orientated


VideoAds are unique in that branding returns are significantly higher than with other formats. plista’s user-specific targeting and comprehensive tracking puts you in control of your engagement with different audiences.

Plista takes care of producing the ad and of preparing it for your approval prior to launching the campaign.

Optionally, the creative can also be handled by plista.
    • Provides high interaction between consumer and brand
    • Power to reach defined audiences with advanced targeting technology
    • Positive brand perception assured by non-intrusive ad functionality
    • Better ROI by combining branding with performance
    • Success-based billing (available in CPE or CPC)

    Video on Plista

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