Sunday, February 27, 2011

Future Internet


The current Internet we are experienced is the so called Web 2.0. and referes to a series of technological improvements from the original Internet.

Some examples of features considered to be part of Web 2.0 are listed below:
  • Blogs - also known as Web logs, these allow users to post thoughts and updates about their life on the Web.
  • Wikis - sites like Wikipedia and others enable users from around the world to add and update online content.
  • Social networking - sites like Facebook and MySpace allow users to build and customize their own profile sand communicate with friends.
  • Web applications - a broad range of new applications make it possible for users to run programs directly in a Web browser, like Google Docs, Gmail, Zoho and many other.
  • RSS Feeds - pulling information from the web.
The following video explains the benefits of current Internet, the Web 2.0.


Next future of Internet is Web 3.0 or also called "Semantic Web".

The Semantic Web is a "web of data" that enables machines to understand the semantics, or meaning, of information on the World Wide Web.[1] . Semantic Web as "a web of data that can be processed directly and indirectly by machines."

The following video explains why is necessary the evolution to Web 3.0 and the future interaction between machines and applications through internet.


Web 4.0 is the web that extends to the real world. It’s the web of things. where your house becomes part of the web, and your car. Where your body becomes part of the Internet. Where you use to turn the heat up because you are home early. Where the refrigerator orders milk when it notices it’s running out. Where your car checks the Google-Calendar of you and your garage to make a service appointment and where your general practitioner is notified of changes in your glucose-levels in your blood automatically and remotely. It’s the web where a seat in a plane is automatically registered when the location in your google calendar is remote and a taxi is already waiting to pick you up, without you even thinking about it.

The following video is illustrative of the current power of Internet in our society and the major role will continue playing in our lifes in the future.

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