Monday, June 20, 2011


Test&Target from Adobe (previously from Omniture) is probably the best tool in the market for testing and optimizing websites.

Here are listed some of the key features of T&T tool.

A/B, Multivariate Testing
  • Test content on site, in email and in display ads
  • A/B testing facilitates fast and accurate design selection
  • Multivariate testing allows for testing many elements and variations with smaller traffic requirements and fewer combinations
  • In-depth reporting reveals the combination of elements that leads to the greatest lift in conversion
  • "Push winner" functionality converts winning test scenarios with a single click to standard content for all audience segments
Ad Testing
  • Track ad impressions and their impact on conversion
  • Optimize ad content and compare multiple creative options, adjust to serve more of the winning creative
  • Track clicks to monitor ad performance in real time, from first click to final conversion
  • Coordinate ad tests across multiple ad networks or publishers
  • Track view-throughs
  • Combine ad testing with cost and revenue tracking to quickly see real-time revenue for a given ad
Visual Application Management
  • Design tests directly on the site just as visitors will experience them
  • Immediately visualize how customers experience a test, giving real-time insight for increasing content relevance
  • Onsite testing capabilities work without any special configuration or implementation
Effective Targeting
  • Target content to different groups of visitors based on marketer-defined segments
  • Target audience segments based on URL, geography, profile and visitor behavior
  • Maintain consistency of targeted offers from offsite exposure (display ads, email) through to onsite activity
  • Flexibility to market broadly to a segment of visitors or to define parameters for stricter targeting to a very specific visitor set
  • Break out conversion data per targeted group with reporting segment filters
  • "Targeting groups" allow marketers to reuse commonly created targeting rules—reducing rework
Automated Predictive Learning
  • Each visitor and click is scored individually, so targeted offers can be served based on a visitor's unique interests
  • Create extensible customer profiles that include offline data, such as product holdings, credit score, time on file and other non-personally identifiable information
  • Import external customer profiles in real time for heightened relevance
Automated Campaign Management
  • Automatically direct site traffic in response to visitor behavior, factoring in variables such as time of day, email communications or product promotions
  • Self-optimizing campaigns ensure that the most effective targeting scenarios are shown more often, accounting for environmental or seasonal changes
  • Automatically promote the best performing scenarios to improve conversions for specific audience segments or across the site

If you are using Test&Target you may find useful the following User Guide Book on Test&Target:

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