Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a very good tool for A/B testing. In my opinion, it is a bit more limited in features than for example Test&Target but, on the other hand, it is much cheaper and easy to use.

VWO is a good tool to start making A/B tests or Multivariate tests in a website when you don´t have too much money to invest on this type of activity. There is even a cheaper option, like Google Website Optimizer, but still VWO I think it is easier to use and provides better features, so it is worth the small cost.

An introductory video on VWO:

Here I provide some information, coming from VWO guys, where it is compared VWO tool against Test&Target and Google Website Optimizer.

Visual Website Optimizer Omniture Test & Target Google Website Optimizer
Core Features:

A/B testing ?
Multivariate testing ?
Visual WYSIWYG editor ?
Easy tag-less integration ?
Multiple conversion goals ?
Realtime reports ?
Heatmaps & clickmaps ?
Advanced Features:

Visitor segmentation & targeting ?
Revenue Tracking ?
Integration with Google Analytics ?
Cross-domain tracking ?
Wordpress, Joomla plugins ?
Automatic test monitoring & optimization ?
HTML, CSS and JQuery based tests ?
API to fetch test results ?
Collaboration Features:

Multiple permission-based logins ?
Client or project sub-accounts ?
Support From product developers Support team Through forums
Pricing Starts $49 per month Annual contract of $10,000+ Free


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