Thursday, September 8, 2011

SiteCatalyst 15

SiteCatalyst 15 is a major upgrade of the tool.

Platform & Productivity Enhancements

  • New Segmentation Capabilities: SiteCatalyst users can apply segmentation right from the newly redesigned interface and – with as little as two clicks – apply segments to any report in real-time. For instance, if you want to segment your social media visitors in real-time – say purchasers from Facebook vs. purchasers from Twitter – you can quickly and easily see how these segments are performing and interacting with your site.
  • Suite Level Segmentation: Because the new platform facilitates improved integration and data sharing across the Online Marketing Suite, segment sharing is now available between SiteCatalyst, Discover, and Adobe Test&Target.
  • Redesigned User Interface: SiteCatalyst 15 introduces an enhanced user interface and intuitive design that displays customizable, interactive overview dashboard reports immediately upon logging in. Additionally, new search functionality enables SiteCatalyst users to quickly find a specific report by name or type without sorting through the menu system.
  • Reporting Improvements: The new platform makes it possible for SiteCatalyst, Discover, and Adobe DataWarehouse to now have consistent metrics and breakdowns. Additionally, Visits, Visitors, and Page Views are now available on all reports and full sub-relations are now enabled by default.
  • Adobe DigitalPulse Updated for SiteCatalyst 15: The latest version of DigitalPulse has been updated to validate all new SiteCatalyst 15 features, furthering its role as the leading implementation auditing solution.


  • New, interactive iPad Application: This app takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad, such as data manipulation with the touch screen interface. Users can scroll, swipe, and zoom into a specific time period, as well as add new metrics with a simple touch. Users can even email reports that they create, directly from the app. If you’re a mobile SiteCatalyst user, this app is a must-have.

Improved Data Collection & Processing:

  • Processing Rules: Control numerous aspects of your implementation such as populating reports and setting success events based on a wide range of customizable criteria without the need to involve IT.
  • List Variables: With list variables, you can capture any data dimension that can occur multiple times on a page, such as ad impressions or criteria in a guided search. Conversion can then be tied back to those variables to give a more complete picture of how individual elements drive success on a site.

In the following video you will get additional information on the new features coming with SiteCatalyst 15.

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