Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alternative to Google Adwords

The Spanish online media companies have come together to create a platform capable of linking texts with the most appropriate advertising. This is what has made Google for years and has become their main source of income.

The agreement of MediosOn (on this association there the are the major media companies of the country) will facilitate the insertion of personalized and contextualized advertising to the content you are currently reading, listening or watching. For a couple of years a similar system operates already in the Italian media, thus trying to bypass the only effective option until then, the Google Adwords.

The association has chosen the technology cXense , a Norwegian technology company that operates in the global market with a proven intelligent tool, with which the editors hope to formalize the Spanish legal framework of the agreement, defining and implementing business equipment tool among partners who join voluntarily in the project.

MediosOn born in February 2009 to promote and represent the interests of online media publishing companies in the market, the various players in the digital industry and public institutions, promoting the process of ongoing relationship between partners, and promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain. MediosOn represents over a hundred Spanish online media with a global audience of more than 20 million users.


marc said...

that sounds great. going to test it now. tried plista though?

Antonio García Pérez said...

thank you marc. I did not know about plista so thanks for the info, looks very interesting.

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