Monday, June 11, 2012

Use of Google Analytics in the World

Interesting Infographic showing the penetration of Google Analytics in the different countries of the world. As shown, in developed countries and emerging economies the utilization of Google Analytics is always more than 70% compared to other alternatives.

The alternatives shown in the infographic are CNZZ and LiveInternet but of course there are some others like Adobe SiteCatalyst, Snoobi, and so on...

In my opinion the key factors for the success of Google Analytics are:
  • Free (there is a paid version but in most of cases with the free version you have more than enough)
  • Easy to Use (the built-in metrics they cover most of the KPIs you normally need for the analysis of website and e-commerce transactions.
  • Easy Installation
  • Customization (custom events tracking)
  • Dashboards (custom reports)
  • Integration (with other tools (Adwords, Webmaster Tools, and also other vendors tools).
Some things I am missing:
  • Real Time (even if they have some realtime tracking it would be nice that all metrics are real time so you don´t have to wait one day to have them available)
  • A/B Testing (at the moment the Google Website Optimizer is not a good tool for a/b testing since its difficult to use and very limited in terms of targeting, complex campaigns creation it would be great the Google Analytics would incorporate something better)
  • Survey (integrating directly in the tool the possibility to ask to users about the web service would add very valuable data to the existing metrics).

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