Monday, August 20, 2012

Marketo Business Consultant Certification

I just got my Marketo Business Consultant Certification.

What is Marketo?

Probably the best platform nowadays for marketing automation is Marketo.
There are other platforms like Eloqua with similar features, however Marketo is easier to use, they are innovating faster and they have also better prices.
You can watch the following video to know more about Marketo:

Why to get certification in Marketo?

• Credibility with Customers — Marketo customers acknowledge the value of the Partner Certification Program and of employing Marketo certified consultants to ensure successful implementations/consulting. In addition, Marketo strongly recommends that customers mandate Marketo certified consultants as a requirement of their projects.

• Career Advancement and Professional Development — Marketo certified consultants acquire skills that lead to professional and organizational success. As Marketo solutions continue to grow in depth and breadth, the Partner Certification Program will evolve and may add solution targeted certifications or may expand to other roles or levels of certification to ensure our partners can appropriately differentiate their capabilities and that customers are assured of levels of competencies specific to their Marketo solutions. In addition, Marketo requires that certifications be current with Marketo major releases.

How to get certification on Marketo?

Business Consultant Certification 
To get this certification you need to:
- Review Marketo Getting Started tutorials
- Experience building Marketo programs using Marketo Lead Management tool
- Successfully complete Marketo Professional Certification online exam with passing score of 85% (90 min)

Technical Certification 
To get this certification you need to have the Business Consultant Certification first, and after that:
- Attend to Marketo strategic workshop (2 days)
- Complete post workshop case study (homework) 
- Live interview on case study (live virtual)

Now, it´s time to get by Marketo technical certification.


Jon Miller, Marketo said...

Congratulations on your certification!

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