Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Analytics for Mobile Apps

Are you looking for tools to track how users interact with you mobile application, iOS or Android? Here a couple of solutions, the Google Analytics (free) and a bit more sophisticated from Cem4Mobile (commercial).

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps

In addition to the JavaScript-based Google Analytics Tracking Code that empowers webmasters to track activity on standard web pages, Google Analytics also provides a web service and a pair of SDKs to help track user interaction with websites and applications accessed from a mobile device.

The Google Analytics for Mobile Apps SDKs make it easy for you to implement Google Analytics in your mobile apps. The SDKs can be downloaded and used with the iOS and Android application platforms.

The SDKS enable you to track usage of your app just as if it were a website. First, identify the places in your app where you'd like to trigger a pageview or an event, then use the SDK to send these events to Google Analytics.

If you're an Android developer, Analytics also gives you the tools to monitor the success of mobile ads for your app. You can track activity from a click on your ad, to the Android Market, to app download. It's a simple way to determine what marketing efforts are most effective for you.

For more information on tracking user engagement with your native mobile apps, see the developer guides for Android and iOS.


CEM4Mobile Analytics concentrates on end-users and their behaviour with wireless devices. The statistical data can be collected and normalised from number of sources namely: from mobile services by using mobile optimised taglines, mobile networks via Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), server-to-server integrations via the Transaction Interface and customer opinions and values through the Voice-of-Customer channel. CEM4Mobile is offered both Cloud (SaaS) basis, with fast and straight forward integration, and as a local deployment.

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